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Raphael's Edible Gardens

Permaculture Services

I am committed to help people obtain their sustainable edible garden.

Urban spaces are holding great potentials for transformations.

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Permaculture Education

I am practicing permaculture principles but mostly I am an eco friendly gardener. For me it is important to observe my own environment and finding my own ways to enhance it for everyones best. 

I love to share my knowledge, I will come to your garden and guide you!

Convert your own space and learn how to be


I will help you with:

  • permaculture design for your place

  • surface composting to create humus rich soil

  • planting fruit trees

  • seed collection to built your own seed bank

  • living with chicken

  • planting and starting seeds in the right season

My wish is to spread the knowledge of how to live in a natural edible environment! I will help you to be independent with your successful edible garden! I am happy to help even with small advice or tips!


Creating Edible Gardens

I have experience in setting up many successfull

edible gardens in Perth and Europe.  

If you have the wish to call an edible garden your own and to learn how to sustain it -

I can set up these essential elements for you:

  • garden beds

  • ground preparation, green manure and horse manure

  • worm farm

  • compost management

  • drip reticulation set up
  • heireloom vegetable seedlings, I have a seed bank at home and can provide you with many different varieties of vegetables

I can help you with a complete

self-sustained permaculture garden set up

to just a garden bed ;-)


Reuse - Recycle - Reduce and Compost

I love to reuse material that is a waste for others! Especially if I can find it everywhere in the city, if it is easy to handle and the best if it can be composted at the end! 


Garden elements

garden sheds

compost toilets

chicken coops

compost boxes

worm farms


Services: Services

Garden ponds

Turn your chemical pool into a natural pond

Finally we made the step and turned our hated chemical pool into a natural pond! For us the best decision ever!! Such a success - and no more daily maintenance

- only vibrant nature!

A pond or waterhole is a key element in permaculture life and we can witness the benefit for the whole environment!


Natural pond

To set up a self-sustained natural pond is easy! Nature is well done! Don't panic about mosquitos or algae - it is self regulating!

In my pond I have koi fish, frogs, water snails and many plants. I created floating gardens inspired by the stunning ancient chinompas in Mexico city! If you are thinking of starting a pond I can help you!

Bee keeping

The Perth region is a perfect place for bees, with its mild climate. Escecially the suburbs provide flowers all year around.
If you are interested to produce your own delicious and healthy honey I can set you up with a hive and teach you how to become a bee keeper!
Bees are a big bonus for food production as they are helping the pollination of your plants and trees!

Services: Services
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