Raphael's Edible Gardens

Professional Services

We are committed to help people obtain their edible garden. It is easy and flexible, most urban spaces are holding the potential for transformation.

Ground Preparation

Raphael's Edible Gardens is specialized in preparing the perfect fertile garden in Perth soils for your future veggies.
There is a whole range of techniques to prepare the soil and make sure that the production will be optimal.
All of those techniques are designed to respect the environment, without any  synthetic chemicals, for the best outcomes.

Seedling Plantation

Raphael's Edible Gardens prefers to grow ancient variety and open pollinated seeds. We can bring more diversity to your garden, which will make it look like a rainbow with veggies of different colors and shapes.


Trees plantation

Trees are vital to the local water cycle. Their detritus allows water to percolate into the soil, both feeding the plant life in it and the springs and streams running through it. The trees, in turn, transpire the water back into the atmosphere, increasing rain cycles.

If you are thinking about planting trees in your garden Raphael's Edible Gardens will help you.


Bee keeping

The Perth region is a perfect place for bees, with its diverse vegetation.
If you are interested to produce your own delicious honey we can set you up with a hive and collect honey.
Bees are a big bonus for food production as they are helping the pollination of your plants and trees.


Ongoing maintenance

If there is any need in maintaining your garden Raphael's Edible Gardens is here to help with on demand requests.

Advices and Tips

Raphael is happy to share knowledge with you.

If you are interested in learning how to set up your ecofriendly vegetable garden we will teach you,

to set you independent. If you have any questions call Raphael any time.


Whatever the job is we are happy to help. Contact us now.