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Recent work


Subiaco - Bagott Road

From a lawn front to an edible front. The city of Perth is holding a giant potential to convert lawn verge sides into vibrant natural and edible verge sides - with the same use of precious water.



It is always fun to do gardening together with like minded people! We have put all the green manure together to create a surface composting garden bed here in Shelly.


Fremantle - Preston Point Road

An amazing one year project! Together with my inspiring clients I transformed an abandoned 1300 m2 block in the heart of Fremantle into a joyful natural garden.

From design to finish, including all main permaculture elements, with stunning harvest outcomes!


Raised garden bed in Lynwood

I have built this raised garden bed with untreated pallet wood for a disabled client- who loves to see plants grow. As I do! Great to see how much this little garden is appreciated!


Raphael's Edible Gardens at
living earth projects

A great introduction to Raphael's work and vision for a greater future. If you have some time please watch the video about edible gardens and circular economy with Raphael Wilkens.



A great complete garden design in the southern suburbs! The enthusiastic clients wanted to create garden beds without frames wich gives the garden a very natural and unforced presence. 

They had great harvests!


Raphael's Edible Gardens at Bonjour Perth Festival

Me and my partner had great fun spending the weekend presenting the ideas of eco friendly gardening and permaculture.



A small garden on the verge side that was easy to set up and can definitely provide vegetables for more than one household!

It is great for me to see the positive change that even a small garden brings into peoples lifes!


West Leederville

I met this lovely family to explain the techniques of surface composting and no dig gardening and built this small verge side garden with them. They love vegetable gardening as much as I do and they made a video about our work!


 Dalkeith - Allenby Road

Even the smallest space is holding the potential to provide yourself with the best quality vegetables! All you need is the sun, reticulation if you want to grow anything in summer and some passion!

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