Do you want your food to be organic, local and free?

Here is for you a Perth established small business dedicated to make a change in your garden

and therefore in your life .

Raphael's Edible Gardens is providing services based on new innovative permaculture concepts.

We are happy to be part of positive solutions for a

self-sustained future.


Raphael's Edible Gardens

 Urban Farming  Services

Raphael's Edible Gardens is a service dedicated to help people produce their own food.


Permaculture concept

The idea is to create a combination of open pollinated seeds in a self sustained environment. Composed of trees, organic matter, mushrooms and bio organisms in order to create natural virtuous circles .

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Health Benefits

You will save money, time and most of all your health.
The produced vegetables are high standards quality which is by far the best way to stay healthy.


Environmental Benefits

The ecological benefits of such actions are huge, the need in energy to produce the food is next to none, it's radically efficient to solve some of the world's problems today.

We all know somehow that the world is changing and we will have to adapt to new conditions in a near future.
So why not get a garden going and learn from your home how to be more self sufficient.
With the latest permaculture concepts you can easily be more independent  .

Raphael Wilkens

"Permaculture Gardener"